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Made with love and care

Imagine the care and attention that goes into each candle. It's not like manufacturing in a factory where machines do all of the work, we pour our candles by hand to ensure quality control.

Enjoy a wide range of design, scents, custom labels just for you

With an eye on sustainability, we provide premium natural soy wax sourced in North America along with a wick made from cotton coated in soywax!

You're not just buying a candle.

You're helping families and communities in need.

Every one dollar per item you purchase except Stand with Ukraine Candle will be donated directly to Little Footprints Big Steps (LFBS), a Canadian non-profit organization that works to protect vulnerable children in Haiti. LFBS reunites children who have been separated from their families and communities, and empowers them with resources and opportunities.

Through your purchase, you are contributing to the building of stronger child protection networks and supporting families with increased opportunities for a self-sufficient future.

Find out more at: www.littlefootprintsbigsteps.com

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