Ukraine Humanitarian Support Contributors List


The owners of Mitra Candle Shop, Meesol, Petra and many of our volunteer friends have decided to run a non-profit campaign. We will be donating every penny we earn except for the raw materials. We won't count our labour cost (we will volunteer to make them), marketing cost, and zero profit. Anyone who buys a candle will get the same high-quality, plant-based, non-toxic candle with refreshing pinewood scent and get to donate $14/per candle to organizations. When you buy the product, you will have an option to display your name or stay anonymous on this page.

Since we do not have any marketing budget, it would be much appreciated if you could share these pages as much as possible. Thank you.

Contribute today

You are not just buying a candle, but you are also helping people in need.

  • This is solely nonprofit, and we do not take any financial benefit throughout sales.
  • You will get the same premium quality 7oz natural soy wax candle.
  • We will be donating $14 per Stand with Ukraine Candle purchase which includes 100% of all our profit.
  • We will pay our shop's labour fee as well as marketing fee out of our pocket and donate them instead.
  • Our goal is to reach 200 candles equivalent to a donation of CAD 2800.
  • We will update the receipt of the donation as soon as we reach the goal.
  • We will donate to the following organizations equally:

Contributors list

Week 1 raised: $359

Week 2 raising: $14

Volunteer Workers

Magda, Jakub, Sam, Mark, Petra, Meesol



Mark Jenkins
fida hindi
Anna Iourina
Vincent DeMarco
Thomas R Wilson
Natalia Matos
Matthew Cronin
Seungki Mim/Phillip Leal
Sam Aynsley
Alexandria Renoir
Miranda Fowler
David Nisker
Emma Peppler


Week 1 Donation Receipts



Ukraine Emergency Appeal: USD 140 (CAD 180)