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Candle Making Kit (2 Candles)

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Two 8 OZ candles value (100 hours burning time)

Can't choose scents? Find the perfect fragrance for you here!

Did you know that candles are great for setting the mood? With this DIY Scented Soy wax Candle Kit, we have everything you need to make two 8 oz. candles of your own! This kit is perfect if you're looking to try something new and not spend a lot of money on materials, because it includes all things necessary from soy wax flakes and wicks down to fragrance oil scents. 

Our Candle Kits are sustainably packaged and handmade in our Toronto, Ontario studio.

  • Your selection of fragrance
  • FDA approved reusable jars with metal lids (lid colour comes in black or white randomly)
  • Made 100% vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable
  • Paraffin-free, phthalate-free essential and fragrance oils, sourced in Canada & the US
  • A premium natural soy wax sourced in the US &Canada with a natural wax coated cotton wick for fast fragrance release